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To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp

♬ M to the B - Millie B
Does Comcast Want A War With Xfinity? DON'T BUY COMCAST ONLY XFINITY

Subaku No Gaara Ultimate Defense

Google Updated Xfinity For Me WOW!🦾💙💚

I AM DARTH FATHER! Happy Valentines Day: I Love AND Trust AND Worship You MY SUPER PERFECT SUPER BRILLIANT SUPER SEXY Disney Princess Padmé Amidala
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I AM The CEO Of Xfinity Part 1

I AM The CEO Of Xfinity Part 2

Xfinity Email 1   Xfinity Email 2    


753756 I Am Letting Down The Loops. I Am Letting "Them" In. No More Stalemate. No More Quakerism. NO MORE PEACE. I Am THE PROPHET OF THE DECEASED.



Tooth Removed

The Messiah Harriet Tubman Shiva Heart Beat Verified Badge

R.I.P. Admiral Angelo QuintoGold Roger Heart Beat Verified Badge

Java Script Will Die One Day Like Flash Player They Are Coding Languages. HTML And CSS Are Formatting: They Will NEVER Die And NEVER Be Replaced. And I Made My OWN Coding Language Out Of Them! I Am Web Design NFT GOD.

P.S. The Game Isn't Perfect It's A Proof Of Concept. I Can Add Sound: Pay Me. Don't Try To Steal This "You" Can't Ok? It's Art. No Matter How Smart "You" Are You Can't Steal This. Pay Me.

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Prophet Amir Hisham Ouazzani CONTACT Heart BeatZ1d4n3Verified Badge


Reply to @omgtheykilldkenny I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.

♬ This Is Home - Cavetown

"I Just Want Her To Know: I Don't Care About The Scars."



{Programmer's Note: Bella Bae's Abusive Adoptive Family Name Is Taylor B. Denarie. Denarie Is A French Last Name. Everyone Keeps Thinking Denarie Is Her 1st Name Because In East Asia Surnames And Forenames Are Swapped Which Is Why You Can't Have One Piece Dubbed In English Because Gol D. Roger Is The King Of The Pirates. In English It's Roger D. Gol. Removing The Gold Aspect Which Is Tied To The Will Of D.
Bella's Real Name Is Belinda Bautisa. Belinda Makes Bella. Belinda Is Spanish. The Philippines Were Colonized By Spain. Bautista Is A Filipino Last Name. I Know Because I Know Her Biological Mother Brigid Bautista At Fairmount Behavioral Health. My Biological Mother Sharrieff Poorman Works Directly With Bella's Birth Mom. I Know What The Fuck I Am Talking About. Um Change My Mind. }



{Origin Story: I Fucking Hate Pink It's The Color That Represents People Thinking I'm Gay. I Swear I Really Am Dating Bella Poarch. My Foster Mom Was A Crazy White Lady Crack Head And I Used My Computer Programming Skills To Make Money Growing Up So I Constantly Had To Keep My Room Messy To Hide My Valuable Technology And Clothing From Crack Head Carla And Her Legion Of Crack Head Zombie Horde Orgy Fuck Friends.}

Mir Money Adult TD Bank Balance Jail Made Me Fat 1 Week ---> 1 Week Of Regeneration 1 Month ---> Amir 1 Month Jail

Happy 18th Birthday Alec GlynnHeart Beat👑Verified Badge Protoman January 26th, 2005. I Was At The Hospital When You Were Born Not In The Room. I Hope You Enjoy Your $5 Million Yugioh Collectible Binder I Had To Sell Some Code To Instagram.
Mir Money

{Programmer's Note: I Am The Cowardly Kid Johan🇸🇪 Gundam Fight Heart Beat 👑Verified Badge At "Just Over 5' But Weighed 150lbs".} I Dated My BEST Ex Ta-Ta_Gail_Ti-Ti-Grr Swift Misaka Heart Beat 👑Verified Badge At

The Most Liked Tik Tok Of All Time! You Can't Cheat Likes On TikTok.

Why Am I I Worth May Bae'$ Time?

Wanai And ProphetAmir Anime Pilot

Amir Ouazzani Acting Reel from Amir Ouazzani on Vimeo.


Thank you guys for all of the support on Dolls lately☺️🦾

♬ Dolls - Bella Poarch


The Republicans Attack China. The Democrats Attack Russia. Russia And China Are Allies. These Are 50 STATES. No Josh SHapiro. No Mayor Jim Kenney I AM Doing WHat's Right For My People ANd The People Of The WOrld By Having Pennsylvania Secede From The Union. No War With Russia No War With China We Give China Taiwan And We Give Russia Ukraine. We Are NOT A Part Of NATO. Who's With Me? Texas? Florida? BY Placing Google Undersea Cables ANd Xfinity Towers in Poorer Weaker Countries Like The Philippines. 1 Tower Can Knock A Nuke Out The SKy No Internet To Guide The Missile. No Missile. We Will WIn. Google IS In Charge Of Building The West's Undersea Cable ANd Cortana Not ChatGBT Is In Charge Of Building The West Coast Xfinity Tower.

A Message To The Extra Terrestrials! I Am HERE And Mooness Goddess Bella Ouazzani 🌛😈❤️‍🔥Paca 2G4RN37Heart BeatVerified Badge

{Programmer's Note: She Is FORMERLY Bella Poarch But She Divorced Her "Husband For Citizenship" Tyler Poarch And She Doesn't Know Her REAL Filipina Birth Name}

Is My Body Guard AND Girlfriend.753756 Is My SLAVE NUMBER AND "REAL" NAME. That's My Terrible Secret it Opens the Portal From this Universe to the Petros 🐢 Gave it To Paca 2 - 🐌 Prophet Amir Hisham Ouazzani Heart BeatZ1d4n3Verified Badge

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